The Web Application Messaging ProtocolΒΆ

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Welcome to the Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP)!

WAMP is an open application level protocol that provides two messaging patterns:

  • Routed Remote Procedure Calls and

  • Publish & Subscribe

uses different serializers for message encoding, like:

and can run over different transports, like:

The WAMP protocol is a community effort and the specification is made available for free under an open license for everyone to use or implement. The original design and proposal was created by developers in 2012 and WAMP development is sponsored since then by (the company).

Get in touch with us on our mailing list, github or search for answers on StackOverflow:

The WAMP protocol is also looking for contributors that help polishing up the spec, filling in gaps. A good starting point are our open issues on our issue tracker.